Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am...

Welcome! I have been contemplating this blog thing for a long time and I have finally decided to start. It has always been a question of time, and well, only time will tell.

I am....
- a creator
- a crafter
- a maker
- a mother
- a wife
- a baker
- a sewer
- a crocheter
- a quilter
- a foodie
- a grower
- a dreamer
- a daughter
- a friend
- a canner

- I am so many things, some I know and some I have yet to discover

In the words of Albert Einstein, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

In this space I will share with you the things I create. Sometimes it will be from the kitchen, sometimes it will be from my sewing machine or hooks. Sometimes it will be the things I create with the kids and sometimes it will be the things I create in the last hours of the day, all alone. All things will have one thing in common. They will be created with love. All things I create will carry a piece of me with them as they journey to their next life.

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